After hours of pondering on what and how everything will end, i
decided to go and meeg Butosh and be the man i am supposed to be. All
i know that he won’t kill me.

I wanted to call Daniel, but i don’t want him to be bothered, besides
Butosh might just be kind to me.

I approached the door of his base as i knocked and a hefty convict
like bouncer opened the door for me. I entered and i saw a lot of
people standing like they were waiting for a kings arrival, which got
me scared.

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Previous Episode

“Welcome Doe! Sit down, have a drink”. Butosh said.

“I am not here for games, just tell me what i have to do”. I said.

“Such courage Doe”. He laughed. “Okay if you insist!. Daniel is
contesting for a post in school, and he is in my way. Your job is to
get rid of him.


“Yes! I want your twin brother dead”.

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