[RANTS] There Is More To Life Than Chemistry & Knacks


Guy, remember, life isn’t all about having sex and feeling high.
How can God be so stupid to create you and waste time to give you breadth on the sixth day just to, send you off with a destiny of sleeping with women up an dan and mixing methylated spirit with coke as a means of showing societal class..

Then on the seventh day, God finishes his work of creation, and rests from his work then he reaches into his cooler, grabs a cold one and says “this day shall be for the boys”

It just doesn’t make sense like that!

The bible says, He then creates Man and Woman in His “image” and “likeness”. They are told to be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth(God seemed to have mumbled here), and subdue it.

Wake up, find something to eat, hold your destiny, find a purpose and become something.
Something to write home about, something to put in the most decorated books of life.

Guy, At your age, 20, 21, 22, you can’t continue to do “is your boy j money” to somebody..
Unless your own purpose is to be a slave boy.

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You can’t be jumping from one girl to another, doing testing testing.
All that time, Use it to be indoor alone doing nothing, just bring your mind to a state of rest and hear it speak to you.

You can’t continue to use am where you’re supposed to use I’m. Abi what’s your purpose exactly in life? You just want to be an unfortunate fool at 20 for the world sha.

What you fail to realize is, life learning is a process, character education is a process, you can’t reach the highest pinnacle in one week, or one month, or one year, or in TEN years.
You can’t become an authority in life in 15 years. Those that practice critical thinking, mind development and self development every minute, they probably can’t master it all till they die.

Even if they do, they can’t practice all that if opportunities aren’t forthcoming. And when they do, the opportunities will surely meet preparedness. And that’s life.

What are we now going to say about you?

You, mester pucinia booblanta, moving from one girl’s inbox to another, swearing with blood and the God of iron that you don’t have a girl in your life, using the clueless welcoming hands of your mother to serve as a means to having sex with ladies.

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Mr, what’s your purpose in life heaxatly?

You think you still have time, the night time of a man takes longer to arrive.
Kontinu. When that night time come finally and nightmares imported from hell fire follows, you will realise that yours is a wasted page in the book of life.
And life will teach you eventually.

What am I saying?

Nothing beats a mind that’s motile. Nothing beats a mind that doesn’t think in accordance with the sensation in between your legs, no opportunity can bypass a mind that’s always busy.

But because, no job, ours is a failed country, you now decide to live big boy gang and copy another person’s life.
If you want to sleep with real women, come to my village and sleep with the witches there.
If you withdraw alive,
Oh my god!
You suppose get award!


Akingbade Ademide

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