[POEM] The Greatest Battle I Couldn’t Conquer

Love, Love, Love…

We all look cold while our heart wants the warmth of love

I feel the street lights shine on the lonely path of my heart
Thinking it’s better dying alone than a loved hand dong that

I never felt the peace I felt outside love
I felt like a crowned prince with His Father’s love
Conquering every battle like a warlord

Greatest battle drew close
Gathered my army and took my goodluck dose
Conquered all but one rose

Never felt this weak
I thought to myself, I don’t deserve this

One battle I couldn’t conquer was love
You never plan for it, it happens when your warm while you should be cold
Happy when you should be sad
Full of strength in your weakness

And you can say fuck the world when your with the best thing/person that ever happened to you
Either black or blue
muslim or jew
rich or poor

That’s love, it’s a rare mental connection

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