I never knew hell could actually live on earth, until i saw my
greatest fear just behind my back. I gently reduced the speed of my
car and i parked at the roadside to prevent a car chase and further
Butosh alligned problems.

I stopped my car engine, and waited in my car. Butosh’s car also
parked, and someone dropped out of the car. I couldn’t see the face of
the person, my side mirror were not well adjusted. He took his steps
gently as my heart pounded on every step he took closer to my car.

“Hello Doe”.

It was Butosh. He hasn’t changed a bit. He still has that innocent
face with a wicked smile. I stared deeply at his eyes and all i could
see was the excruciating pain i would go through to pay for the pain i
have caused him.

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“Hello Sir”.

He laughed. “Now you can use sir for me? After all this years? I know
you have made up your mind on whatever the consequence of your wrong
deed is”. He smiled again. “Meet me at my base tomorrow by five pm. I
am sure you remember that base”.

He walked away and drove off with his car. I started to think about
his sister, my life, and every other thing i have screwed up.

I sat still in my car for hours, i know better than to drive with this
heavy thoughts in my head.

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