I was really surprised with the way we really went along. We had
conversation off daniel. During our conversation i remembered where i
had met her, but that my secret. Not even you can know. And she stole
my number from Daniel’s phone.

“So what really scarred your relationship with Daniel?” She asked

My heart and brain flew out my skin. I can’t imagine myself telling
her i slept with my twin brother’s ex girlfriend, and i’m still
sleeping with her.

I looked at her eyes, and i found curiosity in her eye balls. So much
for being Janet.

“It’s a long story. I dont want to talk about it”. I said as quickly
faced the other side of the garden we sat, so her sweet tempting eyes
won’t compel me.

As i faced the other side, i set my eyes on the Godforsaken fat
lecturer that was disturbing Janet.

“Janet, you should go now. That man should’nt be seeing you here”.

“Okay”. She obediently left. I stood up and walked towards the man. As he saw me, he waited for me, i guess he now fears me like he used to. I smiled as i moved closer to him.

“Good Afternoon”. He greeted me.

I don’t really care about the compliments.

“You’re going to do me a very big favour”. I smiled and i gave him a
wide grin so he would know how huge the task is.

Its definitely about Butosh. I think he should be able to help me in
that situation.

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We walked down to his and we had a long conversation, and i was able
to explain how deep the shit i am is. He smiled for a while, but he
decided to help me the way he can.

“I am not promising my plan would work, but i’ll try”. He said in his
thick baritone voice.

I walked out of his office feeling hopeful. I dialed Janet’ number so
she could meet me. After some minutes, she appeared to my veiw in her
tight black skirt and her shirt neatly tucked in her skirt.

Believe you me, i was horny, but its a no go area. We continued our
conversation as we picked our topics from all angles and explain in
our knowledge and point of view.

We spent hours talking,without noticing. Perhaps if Daniel hadn’t
called to know where she is, we might still be in school. I drove her
home this time and dropped her in front of Daniel’s place, but then i
drove off as fast as i could so as not to be noticed by him.

On my gentle drive home, i noticed there was a car trailing me, but i
wasn’t scared till i saw the customized plate number from my side
mirror. BUTOSH01 was boldly written on it. I panicked.

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