My heart skipped a beat, but i knew it was going to start beating again. I sat still in the car till she was sure it wasnt her boyfriend.

I got out of the car as i was thinking of any possible explanation i could give to get myself out of the mess Daniel got me into. Why the hell did he deny me in the first place.

“My name is Doe Bades, Daniel’s twin brother. I know i sound unbelievable but its the truth”. I said as i sighed deeply.

She looked at me with surprise, atleast that was all i could see in her face.

She smiled with confusion. ” What do you mean? He never told me about you”. She stopped. “Were you the one that came the other that he said it was just an illusion because i was sick”.

“Oh! You were sick. Sorry, and yes it was me. And i dont blame him for denying me, i dont deserve forgiveness. My trangression were too much.

She kept touching like she was checking her heart beat. She sat down on the bunnet of my car as she was trying to control her breathing.

“Where are you heading to, i will give you a ride?”

“I want to go to my faculty and confirm somethings, But i think its our faculty. I guess you were the one that helped me with the lecturer.”

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“Yh i was. Hop in the car and we’ll talk about everything.”

She hesitated but i was able to persuade her. She’s kind of stuborn.

We had a really nice chat, and she’s the type of girl i would love to spend the rest of my life with. But i dont want to mess up this time the way i did with Angel.

After about 30 minutes drive, both to school and out. I dropped her at a junction near Daniel’s apartment, i dont want any problem with him right now.


“I would be happy if yoi dont tell him you’ve met me”. I said as i joined my palms together to beg her.

She smiled and accepted. I know its going to be hard for her, but she aint got no choice.

I watched her as she walked to the house and Daniel coming out to welcome her. Love someti
es can be disturbing, i am most times very horny so i dont get to really think about love.

I started the car engine and after a few minutes drive my phone rang. It was my brother. My heart stopped again, as usual.
What could it be this time?
Did she tell him?

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