“i know whatever excuse i give won’t justify me. But finding my brother is the least i can do in redeeming myself.”

Bertrand has spent fee days trying to explain himself to the sisters and figure out where his brother might be. He found favour in the eyes of Vanessa who could not stand being angry with Bertrand. But Julie doesn’t seem to offer any forgiveness for Bertrand”s action.

Bertrand had searched almost everywhere in the city. Hotels, warehouse, and had gotten help from his old unfortunate friends who had really helped in the investigation of his brothers kidnap.

‘Since he has only been taken for few days, he would still be somewhere in the city. I have just one lead on where he might be and if he is not there i have no possible idea on where he might be.

I am leaving right away”.
I am coming with you. Julie said
No. Don’t, its going to be dangerous. Vanessa replied


Well you can stay here and cook like you always do. You know, we’ve crucified the wrong person for doing bad things all these years while Mr handsome here is the culprit. But sincerely i really don’t understand why we were acting like that to Doe. As for me i am coming with you. Julie lamented

Its ok. Julie you can follow me. Vanessa we’ll be back very soon.
“Scora! Have you had your fill or you still need more beating”. Doe said trying to catch his breath.
Scora has been beaten to pulp by Doe who finds everything exciting. The fight, pain. Scora struggled to stand up has he tightened his fist. Two hefty bodyguards rushed into the scene with guns and shooting started.
Bertrand drove into the abandoned warehouse where his last lead is. He parked and pulled a gun out of his million dollar suit. He was surprised Julie wasnt scared at tye fact that he had a gun with him. He looked at her curiously.

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“What? It’s a kidnap, i don’t expect you to come unharmed.” julie said.
“okay. Just stay real close, i don’t want you to get hurt. Bertrand replied
“Like you didn’t want Doe to get hurt?”

Bertrand ignored as he dropped from the car and headed for the warehouse door. Julie walked quietly behind him as they both went through the door and searched the warehouse.
Oh my God. Julie shouted

Bertrand ran towards julie has he saw two bodies lying dead on the floor. Bertrand ran towards them.

“They are freshly killed. Which means Doe was here. He probably escaped “.
He observed the environment and saw three guns.
“I think he took someone with him, or someone took him”.

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