On one lazy afternoon when I was completely idle, I was trying to figure out what to do, many things came to my mind of which one of it brought an idea which I didn’t give second thought before I gave it a shot, because being idle is one of the dangerous disease which we must cub.

I’m not here to Rant about anything… I’m not here to nag about the bad system or people that are causing the nemesis upon us. According to one wise man, “you can’t Change people or a system unless you change yourself”.

Life is full of people with many potentials which are waiting to come out of dreams to reality. This potentials just need one giant stride to break free from its chains holding it. Some people don’t even know they have something more powerful more than that beautiful and handsome faces. Something that can change world not even a life.

Although our primary assignment as a student is to get hold of “paali” (certificate ) with one of the best grades if not the best, to be diligent and know your onions, and modus-ponens of it is to get good job, which is not even certain, even with the best grade. We can now see that limiting Ourselves to educational Odyssey is like we are willingly depriving ourselves of life opportunities. Just find something else to do, create more better options for yourself and ascertain your success.

Are you a student that is struggling and they have been knocking you down in this Odyssey , you have been thinking on how to scape through a course and you don’t mind getting E, or you are a student with a fine grade and striving to maintain your status quo… Although is good to come from good school of thought and be a distinguish in your academic quest but you have to think twice….

Thinking twice here doesn’t mean you should choose between two things but think twice on how you can work it out in order complement your education with other things and make a synergic and productive results.

Pen warrior
Olagunju Oluwaponmile (Mr Folap)

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