I don’t understand the act of school father/mother in Nigerian universities..

Get someone pregnant if you can’t wait to have a daughter, it’s that simple!
Just remove condom and pull out, out of the equation!
You will infact be more respected when we call daddy blessing..
We will reserve seat for you in class, in front pátápátá sef, all because of your baby!
We will also allow you jump the queue, just come carrying blessing!

Just stop using someone else’s daughter as bójú bójú!

Or you get pregnant if you need a son!

People, It’s not high school!
nigga’s, c’mon!
You should be thinking of how to make your first million, legally..

You should be worried about how to turn CEO, or maybe something less imperative, you should be worried about how to treat that girl that can die for you right!

It’s all pretense, so I see it!
You have a penis, it will rise to the clarion call if some school daughter comes visiting and she lies on the same bed with you…

It’s not high school, where you were the food prefect boy and you make sure your school children gets the biggest portion when you’re serving..
And they favour you back with their constant supply of garri and sugar!

And lady, c’mon, have some dignity!

You don’t need a school father to defend you against anything, defend yourself!
Nothing is pursuing you, you’re not the only lady on campus, nothing is after your life!

Become a super woman too!

And besides, if you don’t feel safe around your boyfriend, what’s the essence?
You probably have a boyfriend, you have your education, parents are waiting at home, siblings are expecting you back rich or dead, face all these and let’s see who the next mumu is..


Akingbade Ademide

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