Because at this juncture, I strongly believe that I am truly possessed.

“What is the matter?”

” I’m very much okay, there is nothing wrong with me” I pretended

“Are you sure? ”

“Do you care” I snapped walking out on him

“Miss! is this how to show some appreciation, you could have gotten injured you know, don’t know when you became this nasty”

“Nasty!” I exclaimed looking back

“Well you weren’t meant to hear that part” he said looking away

“Oh, so I’m nasty right?”

“No babe, I was just heartbroken by the way you shouted at me”

“You owe me a apology”  I said with my hands folded and my left foot doing a tap tap dance.

“I’m so sorry my love, you know I promised never to hurt you, my boo boo”  he said grinning.

“Don not touch me” I pretended as he stretched his hands towards my right hand

“Come on” he said grabbing my waist  “I know you need the touch” he laughed.

“You are such a jerk”  I snapped hitting his chest.

“Girl it’s your birthday!  I can’t believe my candy girl is now 18 though”

“I told you to stop calling me that, didn’t I, candy girl, really!” I objected smiling

“Oh my Kitty Kitty you’ll always be my candy girl” he said tickling me.

“You both should understand that you are no longer kids, when adults play like this it spells ROMANCE”

“Aunt B!!!” we both yelled

“Come on we were just playing innocently” I said

“Don’t get it twisted, although she’s still gonna be my wife”  he said, dusting his shoulders

“Eh eh eh, really, you” I said giggling mockingly

“You both are something else!”Aunt B teased

“I thought I heard people exchanging blows”

“You are hearing things Richie” I replied dad, and we all laughed

“How dare you call your father by his name you spoilt brat” dad said playfully.


We all went back to the living room and split into groups;  dad and Dr. Cole, mum aunt b and also poison ivy because I didn’t give her breathing space to sit with Fred, chi and I.
“We should be on our way home now” Aunt B said

“Aww! Thanks for coming ma”

“Toni baby I hope you’ll manage the little gift” Aunt B said as she was stepping out.

“Thank you ma, it’s not little”

“Must she always brag like this all her life” chi whispered in my ear and we both giggle.

“We’ll also be leaving, you know the distance”  Dr. Cole said to my dad.
“Thank you very much sir” I said and hugged Mrs Cole.
Dad walked Dr. Cole, Mum and Chi walked Mrs Cole while Fred and I walked behind them. The car horn hastened our steps
“Thank you for everything” I said and he grinned as usual flaunting his tooth gap and dimples. As we walked towards the car, he smacked my ass and ran towards the car, I ran after him but I was not fast enough, he had hurriedly entered his car and locked it. I snapped my finger at him but he taunted as he drove out after his parents.

“You both are too playful” mum shouted.

“If you know what he did ehn” I said walking in angrily.

After seeing the visitors off, I gave a short speech showing appreciation for everything, it was what I needed as at that time to at least cool my nerves and it actually did. After a warm family hug, we said a long prayer and blew goodnight kisses.
I went to bed thinking about what happened at the balcony, about what the voices meant by Fred saving the day, would I have died if he had not come to my aid, what the voices meant by Fred being a prodigal son. I thought of the trip to Zanzibar, I have always wanted to visit the place. Then I remembered Fred hit my bum

“I will so kill that boy, like Aunt B said, our playing is becoming too much that’s why he is crossing boundaries I lamented frowning. Seconds later I slept off sucking my index finger.

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