Fairy tales on my fireline
darkness tastes like lime
feeble and puny the mind of mine
tick and tock, i am running out of time.

Doe dropped his pen as he sat on the window of the house that doesnt
feel like home anymore since his brother as been kidnapped by General.
He gazed into the blue sky and sighed.

“I wish everything wasn’t like this, i wish our parent never died.
Perhaps everything won’t end up like this”. Doe said aloud.

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“It hasn’t ended. I have faith”. Julie placed her hands on Doe’s
shoulder who didn’t know someone was listening to him soliloquizing.

He groaned silently, as Julie touched his shoulder. He hasn’t fully
healed from the scars he got from general.

“So what are we going to do?” Julie said

“I am going to find my brother. No matter what.”


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