Its only been hours that I left Janet. I had to teach her some stuffs she had no clue about. And me being a runaway student repeating classes that I shouldn’t, I know almost everything we are being thought. She had sent me series of text messages with love and kisses emoji. I really didn’t take the it serious till Daniel called me later that day that he thinks his girlfriend is cheating on him.

“Why the hell are you thinking that? I mean, the girl Is loyal. From what I have observed”
“If you’re living with us, you’ll understand what I am saying. Like she is always someone, and she always smile when she does”.

I rested my back on the wall I was standing next too, and I tried to recall all the chats I have been having with my brothers girlfriend. And I am positive I am the one indirectly winning her heart.

“Hey bro, I want to talk to you about something very important”. I said as I changed the relationship conversation we were having.

“What’s that?” He said. I could feel the surprise in his voice because he wouldn’t expect me to have a serious conversation with him.

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“Its not a phone talk. Meet me at Amazon tomorrow at noon. Then we’ll talk”. I said
“Ok brother. And do me a favour, find out who Janet is cheating on me with. And we are even”.
“I would”.

I hung up and smiled even though I was in perlexed on what to do, concerning Butosh matter and Janet ish, but I know everything would be fine even when I don’t have faith it would.

I manned up and pick my car key. I have a lot of things i have to take care of if I am to get out of the problem I got myself into. There’s nothing that can make me kill my only brother. If push comes the shove, he is all I have left as a family.

Even God knows the only way I can get out of this problem is if Butosh dies or he has a change of heart which is not possible. Therefore , death to Butosh

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