[FASHION] BAGS: The Missing Key For Every Occassion

Ok now new styles and trends have been set, everyone is talking about the latest clothes, shoes, necklaces and so on that lets us seem to forget an essential in every females wardrobe; it’s a BAG not just any bag, THE BAG.

Today I’d be giving suggestions on ones I think you should check out most definitely, the fashion statements often associated with the bags women rock cannot be undermined, and aside from shoes it is an eye popper that defines the mood of a woman. Ok usually I don’t over hype things but bags have become a priceless possession amongst females one which they would go all out for to get the right one and hit the right notes with the right crowd.

I’m sure you noticed my excess use of the word “RIGHT”, yes women often carry the wrong bag to the wrong occasion; for example recently I was an office for a job interview which I Aced by the way incase you are wondering and I noticed the bag language some girls had actually spoken to the interview. I’m not exaggerating ooo but a girl brought a clutch purse to the interview, I was left wondering as to how comfortable she had felt with that mistake.

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Before you come at me and say is what you can afford you would buy, read through the types of bags available and you would notice that some do come at affordable prices.

Even if the price is alarming, the second hand bags are regarded as classics. Classics in the sense that they have been sold by people who own them to purchase another type. This allows them go for a minimal price.

Different bags for different occasions some fit for both sef, you just have to pick wisely.

Types of bags

1. The leather bag is important for work situations.
2. The day clutch for events during the day as it can not perform the work function.
3. The cross body bag is my favorite, the tomboyish style with class and that is essential. It can work for interviews and office duties too.
4. The evening clutch as the word suggests “evening” is mostly for dinner events and so on.

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