It’s not actually easy to be a youth, especially, in regards to the way our parents make it sound like they had a perfect youth with no drama whatsoever..

As if there was no Jide mummy loved and she just couldn’t tell him because she wanted him to ask her out first..

As if daddy didn’t regret breaking eniola’s heart.

The pain, the heartbreak, the drama, the frustration, the disappointment, the letdowns, the depression, the uncertainties, the trauma..

Ah, Raji left me! He’s so wicked!
Olumide impregnated another lady! So bad of him. Though I don’t feel jealous, I just feel hurt!
Why doesn’t ikeoluwa like me? And I love her so much, I will do better than that her stupid boyfriend!

With little or no cash in our pocket, with no platform or avenue for our voice to be heard, with rocket high expectations like, finish school at 20, make thousands at 22, get married by 23, give birth at 25…

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Those of us that doesn’t want to go down will still survive in the middle of all these unmet expectations..

Imagine the suicidal, pain reckoning moment a relatively broke ass young man finds out his girlfriend is pregnant for him..

Omo! Let’s comman run away ni ó..

Preg what!

Darling, I said I’m pregnant..

For who?

For you of course..

When? How? How come? Which penis? Which vagina? What time? Whose spermicide? Are you Mary?

What do you want me to do now?

I’m travelling tomorrow, don’t ever call me again!

That’s just a demo, but it goes on and on.. Infact, credit to the youths who manned up and took absolute responsibility for their actions..

May the baby survive in this impossible Nigeria.. So I pray.


Akingbade Ademide

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