Rants with Akingbade ademide

At one point or the other, I’ve discovered, that, a female has been sexually molested by a more older and stronger, yet stupid and foolish male.
The degree of each molestation just varies according to the age of the victim and the type of opportunity the molester had..

It’s a problem, it feels so painful and hurtful.. Having to think that the perpetrators of these acts get to go unpunished, it’s even more killing..

when guy says to a lady, I’m a guy, you can’t do anything to me if I do this to you, I’m stronger than you, I’m mightier than you, you’re to be used by me.. These words make me dead and gone whenever I hear them spew out from a guy..
I take you as a potential sexual molestor or, well yes, a pedophile!
I warn my sister from going near you, I take every girl close to me away from your rader! Asap!

It’s crazy really, the society we live in.. And then, you see, this thing is killing me gradually, a lot of girls are dying in silence, some are dead in silence, some might never recover, some will never relate properly with the opposite sex for the rest of their life.. We pursue them into marriage again and land them with a pathetic loser..
What craziness!


The way we sweep everything under the carpet, the leave-it-to-god thing, the God-will-judge-sermon, the way we accuse a victimised girl that it was her fault,
Why put on a short skirt?
Why go to that party?
Why was your shirt so tight?
Why did you walk that way?

We stunk, I must say! Our food goes in through our anus, we spew feces from our mouths.. We’re that bad! We’re that dirty!

These ladies need a voice, they have to be heard.. Not just any suitable voice, not just the nearest voice [the nearest voice is the most retarded sometimes]..
But a voice that has found a voice!
A voice that has a strong head on its shoulders!
A voice that is rational and open to critical and rational thinking!
A voice that’s not all about “leave-him-to-God”!
Not a voice that will put it out to you in higher definition that it was your fault!

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