Daniel who hasn’t been adapting to the sudden change Janet has made sat beside her and crossed his arm around her neck.

“Why have you been so cold towards me these days? Daniel asked.
“Have I? I haven’t been cold. I have been who I used to be.
“No. You haven’t. I mean when last did you prank me in this house like you do regularly? When last did you fight with me over the remote? When last did…
“Okay I get it.” Janet interrupted. “Its just been a busy week, that’s all.”
“A busy week? We are on break, how the hell are you having a busy week?” Daniel said raising his voice a little bit.
“Daniel! Let me be.” Janet shouted as she stood up and walked out of the living room.

Daniel couldn’t piece together the reason why she has been acting all strange and distant. But he already insinuated that Janet is cheating on him. He thought of calling Doe maybe he had found out anything about Janet’s alleged secret lover but at the same time he didn’t want to disturb his brother, he also has things he wants to deal with.

“Oh wait! Amazon!” Daniel rushed out of the house when he realized he only had few minutes left before he was late for Doe’s appointment.

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“Janet, I’ve gotta head out. I’ll be back in an hour”. He waited a bit for a reply but Janet was mute. He rushed out anyway to meet with his brother.

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“I don’t have time to rush into the details. But first what post are you running for in school?” Doe said looking all around like he is being watched.
“President of…” Daniel trying to complete his sentence as Doe interrupted
“Whatever it is, you have to stop. Don’t run it again”.
“Why?” Daniel asked.
“Please just listen to me”.
“Am I in trouble?”
“Just quit alright. Ive got to go. See you later”. Doe said as he turned around to leave.
“How about Janet?” Daniel asked.

Doe sighed. “Just come clean with her. And you’ll be fine. She is not cheating on you”. Doe said as he left Daniel alone to ponder on the secret he is keeping from his girlfriend.

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