Not too long after spending four years with their complicated uncle, he came back home one day on a beautiful sunny afternoon looking very sick. He insisted he didn’t want to be taken to an hospital, “I’ll get well soon” were the words he never stopped saying.

Days later he passed on leaving the Bades all alone with no financial support. It took Doe days before he knew his uncle had died cause there wasn’t much talking in their exile.

To make a livng Bertrand had to do some dirty jobs online with “The General”. The General was a Mafian king who does all kind of illegal works, but his face has never been seen even by his closest workers. Betrand got linked up with The General by one of his so called friends, who was a drunkard and knows almost everything that was going on with him and how much he needs to survive.

He and The General chatted on a black site and he was asked to fill in his details and information, Bertrand who never planned in tarnishing his image used his brother’s profile and submitted it to him including his picture. General started giving him pick and deliver jobs to go to a certain point, pick up a briefcase and deliver it to another point. He doesn’t see anyone, just the package and he was asked never to open it, his payment was online too.


This went on for months until this faithful day, something changed, Bertrand was forced to open the package and he met a huge amount of money, he was tempted to do away with the money, and he thought the general would never find him.
Doe who had no idea with Bertrand sudden cash major never questioned his brother, he trusted him.

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The General who was filled with anger swore to find Bertrand no matter how long it would take him.

In a silent estate, the General was driving when he saw the guy that ran away with his money sitting beside the driver of a particular car with earpice in his ears. He quickly asked his driver to trail the car and checked the picture to confirm if he was the one. He saw the car enter to a house and the gate was closed. He smirked and left, he did some follow ups on him, and he later heard there was going to be a party at the house. Happy to hear that, he sent some of his gang to the party to bring the thief to him.

Doe never knew his brother did a job like that and that he used his info instead of his. Doe was shot at the party. He lost his consiousness immediately and knew nothing of what was going on.

At the sound of the gun shot, the party scattered and everyone ran for their lives. The gang carried Doe’s body into a car and drove off. Minutes later, after the tension had died down, Bertrand came out the house to see what had happened, he saw blood stains and his brother’s phone on the floor. He then started calling out Doe’s name if he was somwhere around. Julie and Vanessa came to see what was going as they saw Bertrand Panicking.

“What’s wrong” Vanessa asked curiously.

“I can’t find him” he replied. “I can’t find my brother, Where is Doe?
Where is he!!!”. He screamed.

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