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[RANTS] Slay With A Standard Living


So much fuss about s!lay queens and slay princesses on social media, just a quick observation; I came across a VN from a guy, LOL he had no chills as he could not stop ranting about how our slay divas were at his beck and call.

There was nothing he left out also pointing out the fact that he had used some of them for rituals, you know now based on the wire wire level and Yahoo plus as well.

This had me thinking, why do most women see themselves as not money making minds but money collecting minds. Forgive me I mean no harm but I feel women need to own themselves and not be subjected to any form of manhandling from any man.

Lol my friend won’t stop saying “babe I have to make my own money, I can’t allow one guy to treat me somehow”.

Ladies let’s show how independent we are and how strong we are, let’s step up to the plate, let’s show that we can slay and still work hard for our own money. The female gender is very soft on the outside but has a strong personality on the inside, most ladies use their appearance on the outside to judge their way of life or character.

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No, a woman is a strong person, full with will and shouldn’t be treated feeble.

STAND FOR SOMETHING, start depending on one person and that’s YOURSELF. You don’t need any man or anybody to make you happy.

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