Amidst my curiosity of finding out who the girl is, i still need to settle into school and redeem my ways with my brother. There is a lot that has happened, but i guess everything would be revealed as time proceeds.

Today is my first day, I’ll rather look more serious than dressing like me. I zoomed out of the hotel and took my car, i guess i never mentioned that i am also loaded. I drove to the school campus, and went straight to my faculty. I was just about entering one of the offices when a lady dressed in a pink shirt tucked in a black tight skirt surfaced before me. ”Oh dear! Its the girl”. I thought.

I tried to hide my face, because there was no explanation i could give her that i am not Daniel.

”Daniel? What are you doing here and you changed you shoe”. She said.

I shivered. ”Yes i did. I just felt like wearing something different”. I tried composing myself.

”Besides what are you doing in my faculty?’‘ she said.

I was a little bit happy that she might be in my department since we are from the same faculty. At the same time i was bothered about her detecting that i am not who she thinks i am. I tried to speak more like Daniel. ”Your questions are just to much. I am just running an errand for one of my lecturers. And besides why are you here?”

”Weird. Like i told you days ago i have issues with a lecturer he wouldn’t release my scores till i get in bed with him”.

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I paused for a moment. ”Girl you’ve got issues”. i thought. What’s his name?

”Daniel why are you acting strange?” she lamented.


”I am sorry it skipped my mind”. I replied.

”That fat one”. she said. ”And i thought you said you had issues with the man?”

”it appears so”. I left for the lectures office. I started to reminisce on what i have done, how many things Daniel has taken the blame for because of my immoralities.

”Good morning sir”. I said

”i thought i told you not to step your foot in my office again. Unless you also want to leave the school like your brother did”. He said as his fat ass sat on his office chair.

”Yes of course. But my brother is obedient not me”. He looked at me consistently and surprised, but all i saw is fear in his eyes.
”I am back, and trust me i didn’t leave because of your empty threats”. I’ll be back for proper discussion but let that girl be”. I left his office having faith in my words.

”He is going to leave you alone. Trust me”. I said to the nervous girl waiting for me. I still don’t know her name.

She hugged me and started calling me all sort of names and sincerely i was flattered. But all cheers shattered when i saw Daniel coming towards our direction.

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