[RANTS] S*x Doll Craziness

That, that thing, sex doll, is out and most guys are already high on celebration and most ladies are already hypertensive from head to toe on their Whatsap status just show that you people should have been flushed down the drain. Long ago!

It’s crazy. Your delusions, and, your fuckery is in your fakeness.
Oyinbo is not your problem, you’re your problem.
Suddenly, guys can afford to put together about a million to buy/get a sex doll. But you don’t feel it necessary to invest that amount of money on a real woman to build her and take her to the next level. But well, you think it’s her God sent duty to give you sex with all that emotional imbalances you’re making her go through..
You’re mad!

You, ladies too, now think it’s their right to cook, wash, sweep, scrub, kneel, worship and worship and worship that average man in her life. Ah mean, for what? Because he can go to the market and get a sex doll to come and replace you? You must be mad too.


The way this century is going, we will have to start cooking each other for supper.

I don’t think having this inventions is a bad development. I don’t think it’s good either.
But the way we react to this thing, the way we allow them shape us and take control of our head, the way we allow them dictate where we go from here is the issue.

Since the sex doll announcement, you can’t have a simple conversation with a guy and the topic he wants to jump to won’t be the new sex doll. Will it electrocute? The sensation? Is it as sweet? Is it pleasant? Can it give BJ?
Man, go to Google! All that is tiring to me, I swear to you.

A doll, packaged somewhere, you order, you pay, have it sent to you wrapped in nylon, resting inside a box. How’s that idea supposed to arouse you if you’re not a lunatic?
Does that mean you won’t trick a girl to your hostel and rape her and send her away with no transport money? Does that mean you won’t harass a girl on skimpy shorts with looks when you see her?

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All of you are mad.

Akingbade Ademide

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