Life has virtually turned upside down for Doe since his kidnap and the recent kidnap of his brother. He has been trying for months to find the whereabout of his brother and perhaps General but all to know avail.

He has gone to the police station and asked of him but they all denied him, and they wouldn’t let him set his eyes on him. He had been working with Scora for those months and they have become best of friends with the realisation that they might be family due to some findings they made. Scora is also a Bades the son of their dead uncle who also died working for General.

The sisters have also been quite helpful to the search of Bertrand, and have also used that medium to patch the broken part of their relationship with Doe.

“I’ve got something”. Scora shouted as he raised the piece of paper in his hands up so that everyone could see.

Doe ran towards him and snatched the paper from his hands.

“General is here”. Scora said. “These his one of the very few secret hide out he uses when there is a threat or a problem. And since your escape he has been missing, therefore he would be here. If he is not here, he can’t be anywhere else”.

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“Okay, so now what do you suggest?” Doe said as he raised he left eyebrows to leave a funny expression on his face.

“I suggest we go there and confirm first before we make any drastic decision”.
“Ok brother. Whatever you say.

Doe went inside his room and brought out his brothers picture from his drawer. He stared at it till tears dropped from his face to wet the picture. He knew his brother wasn’t safe. General might have found out that he was the one that really stole his money or perhaps Bertrand confessing due to torture and all other painful means. He just couldn’t think straight until his phone rang.

He picked up his phone and placed it in his ears as he heard a broad thick General like voice
“Hello boy!!!”

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