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[RANTS] The Fulani Herdsmen: What If We Are All Been Played?

the Fulani Herdsmen

So we all remember the gist of the Fulani herds men on the Lagos Ibadan expressway, well I saw it too but i had to make an urgent trip back to Ibadan from Lagos, hmmm people trust parents to overreact prayers upon prayers my mum didn’t even wake me up early for my trip, thank God for alarms, I woke up and made my way to the car park there’s my father tired discouraging me but I was like “daddy by the Grace of God we are safe”.

My parents were not the only ones scared, LOL in the bus come and see people shaking holding their anointing oils in place, one man could not stop lamenting about getting a job interview at the wrong time.

We took off from the car park and made our way, the girl who sat beside me could not stop mumbling the blood of Jesus, I began to feel as if I was under reacting and as God would have it we came across fulani herdsmen, three in number.

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People could not conceal their fears and the Fulani men just passed by us and even waved smiling at us. Then I thought to myself were these not the people categorized as dangerous? We have to understand that the bad eggs corrupt the entire crate, some of these men are just innocent in search for greener pastures.

We should not be tools of political instigations, the elections are around the corner and different steps would be taken to stir the hornest nest. Please think wisely happy Saturday

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