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[RANTS] Prof Richard Akindele & The Sex Scandal


I’ve been here on Nigerian earth 20 years and still counting. I’m still not sure if I’m at home, I don’t feel at home, I don’t feel like I belong here. It’s a truth I still find very difficult to accept.

Do you blame me?

You all have a friend that’s resitting for a particular course for the fifth time and it’s clear the painting on the wall is, she’s still going to fail.

Because, erm, she refused to go one round with a lecturer.

There’s somebody in your department, doing more than five rounds, just for a D.

Even for an A, does it make any sense?

The truth is, lecturers fail students all over the place because of sex. Every school you turn to, every department you turn to. It’s everywhere. Nobody talks, nobody does anything about it, the management turns a blind eye and cares more about doubling school fees and shutting down protests.

Then one case comes up, we all turn out in our numbers to evaluate the situation, acting like it’s something that’s strange, rebuking it like it’s something that’s only heard about in planet Mars.

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Look, we all will pass and go one way or the other. But these things come back to haunt. It further degenerates the system.

The lecturers that intentionally fail serious students and lay with them because of grades. I don’t blame you at all, I really don’t. Since everybody turns a blind eye and allow you continue to have you way. Then someone is bold enough to make a tape or record a video, you will come out to apologise and show repentance, ask for forgiveness from fellow Nigerians, then everyone will decide to leave you to God for judgement.

Afterall, you’re the patron of 6 fellowships on campus and you preach in church on Sunday. You’re closer to God than the rest. So, who’re they not to forgive your little sin?

I just hope, that, may your children suffer the same fate you subject other peoples children to. I just hope.
I won’t pray, cos we pray too much and, it’s apparently not working.

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I just hope, that may you never find peace in and out of your home.

I just hope that no matter how long you last on earth, may the tears of the innocent beds you forcefully made unclean never stop bothering you.

This path that you’ve chosen, may it be your doom.


Akingbade Ademide

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