Doe was always alone after their uncle’s death, he had always been alone but he felt more lonely with the absence of their uncle. Bertrand who seems to be doing a job which Doe knows nothing about always left the house early and comes back with money, but he’s too economical and Doe hates it.

He kept on living lonely until a day that he decided to get money for himself.

Doe knows how to be manipulative and he was very excellent in living a lie. The environment was filled with thugs, theives, killers, and gangstars. He could differentiate them all by just the look of their faces.

He purposely got involved with one of the dangerous gang in the area. The gang believed him to be a bad guy who could be of help to them or more of an informant. Doe doesn’t drink nor smoke but the gang thought he does, so they would give him weed, but he had his own ways of making it look as if he also takes it.


Doe became an informant to the gang, he made them rob armed robbers who just got their money from an operation, but he plans it so well that those gang never knew. After each operation, they would give him his own share of the money which he keeps for future purposes.

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He worked with them for weeks, and then later, he decided to bust them up and lead them to a trap that he set himself. The trap would make them stuck between the cops and a rival gang. He informed the police that he knows the where about of the gang terrorizing the city and he gave them the exact location where the rival gang and his own gang always raid.

He lied to his gang that another money was coming through and he gave them the exact location he gave the cops. Things went in a way that favoured him, the cops caught both gangs and jailed them, except one, the boss of the gang, who escaped during the raid. He swore to look for Doe, find him and kill him immediately.

The General who is more than just a smugler, had so many gangs that worked for him. The gang that Doe worked for also reports to The General.

Scora, the thug that escaped during the raid came to give The General some news in the interrogation room where he tied Doe asking for his money. Scora who his one eyed, The General plucked the eye out himself after he escaped the raid, then saw Doe held in captivitiy at gunpoint, he smiled and said “finally!”.

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