[STORY] VEINS: Season 2 Episode 4

“How sure are you that he is capable of returning the money his
brother took from me?” General asked Scora as be conviniently sat on
his office chair and his police uniform filled with stars and badges.

“A hundred and fifty percent sure General”. Scora replied with a smirk
on his face which made General believe his statement.

General stood up and went towards the small sized fridge at the corner
of his office room and brought out two bottles of beer.

“This calls for celebration”. He said smilling as he stretched a
bottle to Scora. “So tell me, how were you able to convince him to
release you from his captivity, and most of all making him believe
you’re on his side”.

“Well it was a lot of job, but i worked out as i wished. I have him
where i want him to be”.

“Bravo! Bravo!! I am impressed. There is a lot that has been going on
since your absensce. But that’s a story for later. All i need to know
now is how you’re going to convince him to pay  rather than work
himself out seeking my defeat”. General said gulping the beer down his

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“Trust me boss, you’ll get your money in cash”. Scora assured General.
“So what have i missed, the scent of your office has changed”.

“Yes, i changed it. Strawberry is a little too soft for me”. General gloated.

“Well that’s good. But i better be off now, before he starts getting
suspiscious. He is a smart ass. I’ll get back to you boss.

“Okay! Catch you later boy. I am trusting you. Don’t screw this up”.

“Don’t worry. Things would be fine”. Scora headed for the door and
left General’s office.

Scora entered the car and met Doe waiting impatiently.

“What took you so long?” Doe exclaimed.

“Chill bro! I was doing my own part of the plan,  it took long but at
least the job is done”. Scora said. “And besides how did you get in
the car?”

Doe smiled. “Just Drive”. He said

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