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Passion is the powerful emotion or feeling expressed over something. The best thing in life is doing what you enjoy and have passion for. Today we bring to you a motivational write-up by blogger, Ini Arewa.

Growing up in Nigeria as a child you have two career choice Law or medicine ask any Nigerian child. I for one picked medicine because I thought it was fancy and fun. Along the line I dumped medicine for law. I synchronized my mind to that of a lawyer literally. My classmates in high school then called me SAN (senior advocate of Nigeria) because I attached that title to my name. My dad was so happy finally his daughter would be a lawyer .

Fast forward to two years I wrote JAMB exam (joint admission matriculation board) a compulsory exam for students seeking acceptance into tertiary institutions in Nigeria and behold I scored 45 out of 400 yes 45(gist for another day). Moving on I wrote JAMB the second time picking law as my first choice course option fortunately this time I had a good score and preparations were already in place for University screening exams. Then a friend of mine asked me “Are you happy?”I was like durrhh “I am ecstatic”, he went on like “Do you have passion for law or are you just imposing it on yourself to please your parents?”. That question got to me and I had a rethink deep inside me I wanted to be a radio presenter and a writer because I derived joy from it and it comes naturally. I switched my course choice to mass communication yes my parents were not happy at first about my decision but believe me that was like the best decision I ever made and here I am no regrets.

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Long story huh?? Yeah I know but you yes you reading this post are you happy with what you are doing be it career wise or anything? Are you happy with your present job? Do you derive pleasure from doing it? Do you find it fun? Does it feel you were not imposed to do it? If 70 percent of your answers are no then dearest you need to have a rethink. Most times our truest passions emerge during childhood and getting back in touch with those instincts is an important step in finding our passions. If you were to do a job without getting paid and you find it enjoyable? Believe me that is your passion. If your intimate friends tell you that you seem happier and enthusiastic about a particular activity/career believe me that is your passion.

After identifying your passion what’s next? Just do it roll up your sleeves and try, you will never know till you try. It’s never too late to start over, it is better to live a life full of true fulfillments than that full of regrets. I am grateful I found mine and sincerely hope you do so too

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