“Ko ko ko” the door sounded.

I sat up after stretching and yawning like a baby and then I realised it’s morning already, 7:10 AM precisely.

“Gosh” I said heading to the door

“I came to say bye” Chi said smiling

“Enjoy, as for me, I’m so free from school stress till I gain admission, you really ironed this your uniform o” I teased her.

“I’ll soon graduate too!
let me hurry before your father tears this house apart with the horn of his car” she said bouncing off.

I knelt by my bed and said a brief prayer then stood up and took my phone. I was scrolling the pictures we took last night till mum called

“A minute please ”

I answered dropping my phone and left for the kitchen where her voice called from.

“Good morning mum”

“Morning Dear, how was your night?”

“Splendid mum
you made it” i said hugging her.

“It’s nothing
Richard said you should make photocopies of your results, then take them to Friday, you know Friday right?”

“Yes mum, Dad’s cousin that lost his wife and kids to a plane crash over 5 years ago. ” I said rolling my eyes.

“The story wasn’t necessary you know, I hope you can still locate his house”

“Yes mum, few kilometers to the public cemetery” I said rolling my eyes again

“Mtcheww” mum hissed after which I twisted my mouth to the side of my cheek.

“Mum I need Money for fuel please, its been long I drove my car” I begged

“Car indeed!
You can take some money from that of housekeeping’s.”

After rinsing the cereal bowl she used, mum carried her bag and left for work. Then I realized I was the only human in the house, I hastened to my room, hurriedly took my bath, dressed up, picked up my results, took my car key, my phone, my bag and other things then dashed out of the house without eating.


“Krrr krrr krrr” my car sounded as I tried to start it

“Not this morning, please!” I shouted.

The tale of the car is a memorable one,
It was a cold day, almost the middle of the year. I can vividly remember that I insisted on following Dad to wherever it is he was going that faithful evening, when we got to a junction, he packed to gauge his spare tire. The vulcanizer ran out of the little shop he was probably resting and attended to us.

I came out of the car and walked few steps away, then I saw the lonely beetle can vcovered in dust, it had a very dirty keg on it, I could not even figure out the colour, I walked towards it and wiped a finger on it alas! it was pink, I ran to my Dad and begged him to buy it for me, after all I have a kiddies’ driving permit.

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The vulcanizer laughed and called on a Solo, who happened to be the mechanic in charge of the car. Solo began to persuade my Dad but the stubborn man laughed and said it was too small for me that he will buy me an “Audi TT” for my 18th birthday. I weeped and weeped till we got home but my Dad found it really hilarious. After three days of hunger strike, he finally agreed to buy it, and the mechanic brought it the following day.

It worked perfectly for the first 2 weeks before it started giving me troubles. one minute the shaft is faulty the next minute it is the fuel pump, it costs more than three times its original price in a month.

Back to my present ordeal, i got down from the car,opened the bonnet and then the carburetor; on gauge, I checked the oil too but is also on gauge, then I hit the battery with a stone but it was still crowing like a cock that lost its voice.

As I was lamenting and hitting the tire, I heard my phone ring, it was Fred, I would not have picked up but I needed him.


“Hi candy girl, what’s up? ”

“Aghrr! I am not a candy girl”

“Well I called to apologize for yesterday,
I wish I could blame it on being drunk,
well I was drunk anyways,
drunk in love” he said laughing.

“You are sick and in dear need of spiritual intervention and help”

I need your help!
I need you to help me get Tonia Richards to love me”

“Bloody flirt! Speaking of help, I need you here right away, I’ve got to deliver my results to Uncle Friday but my car isn’t starting” I said

“Alright, I’ll be there”

“Thank you”

“You really have to thank me better you know what I mean, by the way, how you say ‘my car’ sounds really hilarious”

“Get lost” I giggle as I hung up.

“You love him right? ”

“What! What are you doing here, how did you get in? ” I asked trembling

“One question at a time miss” Mr. Diet said with the devilish grin.

I was mute and really really frightened, I know there is trouble because I personally locked the gate after mum left and the fence is way too high for a midget to climb.
There’s no one to help me! not even a single weapon to defend myself
and my phone; I can’t find,
Who am I going to call on.

“Somebody Help!!!” I screamed.

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