“Hello Brother”. Daniel greeted as his voice triggered fear in my
heart. I could feel my heart pounding, and this time its like it wants
to escape from under my skin.

“Wha… Whats up”. I said stammering.

“Whats wrong with your voice”. He said. This time i could feel my
sweat rolling down to my neck. I don’t want to screw things with my
brother. And it wasn’t my fault i met Janet.

“Nothing. I have something in my throat. I just finished eating”.

“I want to apologise for the other day that i punched you. I know it
wasn’t your fault. I am sorry”.

I felt peace in my heart. I sighed
“I understand how you feel bro. It’s ok. And besides you’re a light puncher”.

He laughed.

Wow! He laughed. Its been five years my brother as laughed at me. I
could feel he was already forgiving me, and i hope this goes on like

“Just make sure you don’t get punched again. Then you’ll know i am not
a light puncher”. He said as he laughed again. “Okay we will talk
later. And i hope we be able to hang out like we used to”.

“No problem Daniel. We would”. I saod smiling.

“And thanks for helping Janet deal with her problem. I really
appreciate that. Bye Doe.”


I sighed heavily as he hung up. I thought Janet was going to spill
out. I guess she’s trustworthy.

I started my car, and drove straight down to allen street. Its been a
while i went there. The sky was already getting dark, the street
lights has come up which beautifies the street. I call it the street
that never sleeps. Nigeria’s New York. Allen street is as busy as it
used to be during the day, sometimes busier.


I parked at a parking lot of one of the large resturant to get a fast
food and wait for this Godforsaken prostitute. Did i just call them
Godforsaken? I am used to it. And i guess i am also forsaken.

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It took a while before they came out which is weird. They are always
here an hour earlier than now.

I approached one of them and she hopped in my car. I didn’t really
look at her face till she sat in my car.

“Angel?” I shouted with surprise. “So you’re now a prostitute?

“I am not. I saw your car, thats why came towards you.”

“You know i have a car? Have you been stalking me?

“Yes i have”.

“What the hell?”

“Butosh asked me to be keeping an eye on you. Ever since he saw you in school”.

Now everything as just gotten worse for me. The name Butosh just made
me more scared than i have ever been. Let me flashback a little bit.

Butosh is an high profile student in school. He is virtually
influencial than everyother in student in school. He is a very kind
person, but he condones n shit from anyone.

Before i disappeared from school. I impregnated his sister, one to the
many reason why i had to flee.

“why did he ask you to keep an eye on me?” I said as i stammered.

“I don’t know! But i am here to give you heads up, and i am kinda
horny and broke”.

“Oh! So you are a what i think you are”.

“Whatever. Just drive”. She said.

I hesitated, but then i need to know more about the shit i have got
myself into. And besides i am also horny and Angel is’nt bad at all. I
started the car and drove off as i thought about Butosh.

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