This press release is to show support for the honourable aspiring to be the next Ikoyi-Obalende chairman the person of Honourable John Omotola Oluwashikemi Soares varying from his biography to aspirations etc. to mention a few below are some strategic points to view through in order to understand the abled honourable more

jos 5

1: Biography

2: What He Stands For

3: Jos Mission

4: Jos Purpose

5: Strategic Focus

jos 1


Our goal presents the urgent need to formulate and commence the implementation of a composite and irreversible regional development strategy, anchored on providential leverages and strong commonalities. To provide renewed and rejuvenated development across ikoyi-obalende community.     

 jos 2


The attainment of an egalitarian, democratic and economically self-sustaining ikoyi-obalende community that unlocks the energies and resourcefulness of his people for greater and good prosperity, while assuring their liberty and freedom



1: Good Governance

2: Economic Competitiveness

3: Workforce for the future

3: Shareable & Interconnected Infrastructure

4: Security, Law and order

6: Mobilized & engaged citizenry

jos 6


The people of ikoyi-obalende have charged JOS to work assiduously in enacting a focused development paradigm for mobilizing the collective strength, asset and capabilities lying within the ikoyi-obalende community of Lagos state Nigeria, towards achieving sustainable socio-economic growth, standard and development that would result in high standard of living and improved well-being for the people of ikoyi-obalende.

If elected, our government would do everything possible to minimize the high level of sustainable ikoyi/obalende, and we shall also create an enabling environment to support upcoming businesses, women empowerment, improve welfare for our elders and many more quality and well-designed initiatives

jos 3

Also the hope of the youth of ikoyi/obalende shall be restored because they shall be gainfully engaged


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