What would you have done if you were in Butosh shoes? Kill me? Leave me alone?
No! I dont think that can happen. I mean, she tried aborting my baby and she died. There is a probability that my time is limited
I stood up from the bed still not feeling comfortable with myself. Apart from the fact that someone is looking for me, i had a one night stand again with a girl i should’nt be anywhere close.

Angel stood up from the bed and hugged me from the back as i stood near the curtain and stared at the lonely city and the thought of how i would be dealt with kept running through my head.
“How was your night baby?” she said as she held me tight so i could feel her breast on my back.
“You have to leave. I mean right now”. I said trying to be confident, even when fear has overwhelmed me.
“What do you mean? Did i do anything anything wrong?

“Yeah you did. For trailing me and reporting to Butosh.”
“What!! So now you want to flip? I told you everything you need to know and why am doing it.”
“I don’t care if you need money. It should’nt be you trailing me. It should’nt be you.”
“Oh! Okay. I am sorry. I better be leaving.” She dressed up kind of fast. She must have neglected the make ups. I stood still staring at the lonely city.
“We’ll talk later”. She said as she opened the door and left. I sat back on the bed forgetting that i am naked and i have to go to school. I just kept thinking of how to get myself out of this problem. I picked my phone and i saw a message from an unknown number.


I haven’t seen you in school today. I am bored. Where are you?
That message got me scared. I don’t talk to anyone in my departement. What if its Butosh trying to get me. I kept looking at the number, to be sure i haven’t seen the number before. I decided not to react, or reply the message. I laid on my bed, still naked.
After a couple of minutes, my phone started ringing and it was the same number. I stared at the phone for a while, but i summed up courage to pick the call.
“Hello, its Janet. Where are you?”
“Oh”. I sighed. “I am on my way”. I said
She hung up. I thought of how possible she has my number. I got up from and headed for the bathroom, got dressed, head for school to satisfy my curiosity.

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