Valentine Palava
Valentine. Very sweet and romantic something.

Wake up, call bae, talk for 30 minutes about your type of love, talk about your friends relationship, talk about how lucky you both are happy to have each other, talk about the good things you haven’t done for each other, talk about all the love that’s lost in this life, talk about how far you both are willing to go with and for each other.

Get up and get a bottle of good wine, chocolates or cupcakes, popcorn and a flower for your magic.

Cook something nice for her, together watch something romantically inclined so you can play with strands of her hair as you watch. Then, do other gentle sturvs when you’re in the mood

Be a properly thinking gentleman for once in your mad life.

But the sickening part about valentine is, one sick boy will wait till 12am to impress, then send “you’re the val in my valentine, I can’t live without you. Happy valentine day baby” SMS to all the girls on his contact [Spoilt brat!]

Or he will go and buy ten 50 naira greeting cards and send all the ten out to different ladies.

Girl will now be shouting. Awwwwn.. Ooooooh.. I’m blushing.. My friends, come and see what I got, boyfriend mi nìyẹn óò.

You better wash that your big eyes with pepper and shine shine it very well.

Before they use you for stupidity ritual.


Akingbade Ademide

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