[LOVE STORY] RIDGES: Season 2 Episode 9

“Now that you understand everything and you’ve made a decision, when do you want to execute your plan”. Bustosh said after slicing Daniel’s wrist and finish the initiation processing. He had already brainwashed Daniel to making him believe Doe also wanted to kill him, that he had earlier came for help but he declined.
Daniel replied as he was using an handkerchief to wrap his wrist. “Very soon. But before then o want him to know, his death is coming.

I want him to live the rest of his pitiful life in fear, I want him to quiver when he heard my name, I want him to want to kill himself before I do. After all he was of no use to either me or our parents.” Daniel said heroically and he sat down on his chair to listen to what Butosh will say.
“So shall it be. He would be informed”.


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I sincerely don’t know why I called Janet, but I feel like she might actually help me of I explained the whole situation. Perhaps try to calm Daniel down, because she is obviously his only weakness.
“Doe, you’re not saying anything”. Janet said.

“The issue is really complicated, but I’ll explain to you as simple as possible.” Doe sighed. ” Daniel has join a deadly gang, Butosh to be specific, so as to kill me because he thinks I took you away from him. And interestingly I also have personal issues with Butosh.”
“What!” Janet screamed.

“Please don’t shout! Words must not spread more than it has.” Doe please as he shifted a little bit closer to Janet on the garden chair which they sat in the school premisses. “I know you might want to say something different, but I am no use to you if I am dead. Please help me.”
Janet sighed. “Okay what do you want me to do”.

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“Go back to him. And he is not really guilty of what you think he did. He was only trying to protect you from me because of the things I did with his ex. Please help me, and If that can’t work, calm him down enough to change his mind about killing me.”
“Doe… Doe interrupted
“Please just help me”.
“Okay I’ll think of what I can do.”

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