When we talk about s3x we cannot ignore the vag!na because it is the most important organ involved in s3x and when one stop having s3x for a while the vag!na takes time to adjust to the action again.

If you are wondering how your vag!na will react after a long period of celibacy then this article will show you 5 things that happen to your vag!na after having s3x for a long time.

1. Pain during s3x: It will surely hurt when you resume s3x after a while and even you been wet won’t stop the pain. “The vagina is a muscle, which when kept agile with regular actions remains flexible but when you stop using those muscles tend to stiffen up a bit, just like your calf muscles when you don’t exercise them this calls for a little discomfort in terms of pain”.

2. Vag!na dryness: “If you have refrained from masturbating too along with a prolonged absence of s3x, vag!nal dryness could be another problem to deal with, this can again make s3x uncomfortable, as it makes penetration more pain than fun”.

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3. Takes time to orgasm: “This is sure as it will take time for you to get in the groove so your partner needs to put in real effort, foreplay could be of help to get the muscles loosen up a bit and help you reach orgasm”.

4. Makes s3x difficult: “All said and done your vag!na will take time to help you have a smooth s3x experience – dryness, stiff muscles, too much time to orgasm could make sex a little bothersome”.

5. Vag!na infections: “This might not happen to all, but lack of s3x and then too much of action can make your vag!na prone to certain bacterial infections by unbalancing the pH balance too”.

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