Happy New Month Guys: Checkout This Month’s Playlist

Happy New Month Playlist

Hi guys first of all happy new month, My thoughts for a new month is that we as individuals have to learn how to love ones self before you can learn to love others; so there was this stage of my life that i had begun to question, who i was and why i wasn’t getting attention from boys, yes i know its silly but I was in a very low place in my life and I did not know what i stood for or what i was supposed to fight for any more I was lost, very lost in my pool of thoughts.

I have always said music is a weapon that serves a specific focus of what you want it to be, well music helped me and still helps me; these are songs that made my playlist then and still does today, trust me it still helps till now.

1 Fake Love by BTS

This is a song that looks beyond the picture people paint about love, in korean they talk about losing their real selves in the name of impressing the one they love. It talks about putting out a false representation of themselves to keep the one they love happy but they ended up being unhappy and losing who they really are and what they symbolized. It is a constant reminder to me that i have to stay true to myself in order to be happy

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2 Scars To Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara

The title says it all, it is like a personal story that looks at self appreciation, it tells you to appreciate yourself as who you are as there is no need to pretend to be what you are not to make people like you for what you are not. Its simply telling you to Love Yourself and Speak Yourself.

3 Therapy by Khalid

A failed love that leaves you dependent on the object of your loves, as nothing else matters. They became your addiction as life looked meaningless without them. This insecurity makes Khalid call out for therapy.

4 Love Yours by J Cole

This has to be the coolest rap song ever, the title explains it all; as an individual you have to look past all your never ending insecurities and try to cherish what you have.

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5 Epiphany by Jin BTS

The chorus says ” I’m the one I should love in this world” I don’t think there is anything more explanatory than that, you have to Love yourself before you can love others; the love you have for yourself is what helps you Speak Yourself. If you appreciate yourself everything else becomes secondary and life becomes easy and natural.

6 Hypocrite by Falz ft Demmie Vee

Only when you realize that everyone just creates a false representation of themselves to mask all that goes on behind the scenes. They mask their fear and insecurities making your feel less or think less about yourselves.

Oh well its an awkward playlist because it has just six songs well I could go on and on but I need your inputs to make an amazing playlist. Let me know what you think, bye guys; From me Love Yourself Speak Yourself

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