Doe shivered when he heard General’s voice on his phone. As much as he always like to bold and always be on top of the food chain, General’s voice snatched it all away.

“Hello! Who is this?” Doe said trying to conquer his fear.
“God”. General said in his hyper thick voice and laughed continuously at his own sacarsm.
Doe got pissed by General’s mockery and reversed his shaking voice to a firm one
“Where is my brother? And I hope he is safe or o swear to God I’ll end…
General interrupted. “Oh come on. Stop swearing to me. And your brother is fine. No finger has been laid on him.
“It better be so”. Doe said.

“I must really commend you, you know. For you to survive all those torture and pain you went through, and at the top of it you escaped and took my man along with you. That’s impressive”.
“What can I say? Its in my blood.

“Whatever! I am going to make this pretty clear for you. Bring me Scora… And my money, then you can have your brother. It is simply called trade by barter. “Is it so. The only thing you’re getting is your death, and if anything happens to my brother, I’ll hunt you and your family down”. Doe said in a fierce voice.
General laughed pitifully. “Are you threatening me?” General laughed again. “I’ll give you just few days to think, and I’ll call you back. But before then your brother has to feel the consequences of threatning me.

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Before Doe could say anything General hung up leaving Doe to cower in the fear of General torturing his brother. “Your brother is becoming a bit of a problem for me boy”. General faced Bertrand who was tied to a chair.
“I am telling you its me you want not him”. Bertrand said as he tried to convince General that he is the one he has been looking for.

“Shut up boy! I don’t know how come you know a lot about my business, but it wasn’t your face that was on the black site and it wasn’t your name, so just shut the hell up.
General dipped his phone and walked out of the cubicle and locked Bertrand in there.
“I don’t understand this shit that is going on. Who is who and who is not? General said soliloquizing. Whatever it may be, I’ll find out.

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