Four years ago, after i left school. Many people thought i was rusticated but i was banished from school. I and Daniel used to be a pack, you can hardly differentiate which is which when you see us, but like i said running sometimes is the only solution when you are in deep shit.

I started having trails on my back, lectures and the black hearted student started looking for me. I might have known things i wasn’t suppose to know and they are things that could get Daniel killed. I was only trying to protect my brother because i am not a easy fish to catch. If they see him and they think i am the one, he is dead because he won’t even act like he is not the one. And sincerely his ex girlfriend was a collateral damage, I’ll explain later.

As Daniel saw us, he dropped the book he was holding unconsciously as anger and confusion has filled his face. But since i am an aberration to him, he knows he would have to go back so little angel would see him. I still don’t know her name, and i don’t even know how to ask.

Daniel turned back and walked as fast as he could to prevent her from seeing him. She was still hugging me, i ain’t a hugger but Daniel is therefore i have to play along.

”i have a class. I need to go”. I said trying to make her leave me.


”OK. Thanks again love. I’ll see you at home”. She obviously also has a class so she left as i watched her walk majestically with her long hair dangling behind her.
”Don’t let me get suck up in the moment i need to fix thing with my brother”. I said nodding.

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After a long search, i cornered him in one of the garden in his department.

”Daniel please let me explain”. I said trying to prevent a fight.

”Doe, just go away before things get uglier”. He said.

”She doesn’t know me, she thinks you’re the one. Just here me out. I was only hel…” he a gave me a dazzling punch that was hard to make me not feel my brain.

”Just go away”. He shouted.

I noticed some huge student looking like bouncers were already coming towards us, i quickly left the scene. But since i wasn’t able to explain the favour i did his girl friend. How would he defend himself when he gets home.

I wanted to go home but i had to go to that fat lecturer to settle scores with him. When i got to his office i overheard him making calls about my arrival and how i could be a threat to them for what they did.

My face had already swollen, the punch was harder than i expected.

”Daniel?” i heard someone beckon on me. Though i am not Daniel. I looked back to see who it was and alas it was Daniel ex girlfriend.

”Lovely. You look smashing than four years ago”. I said.


”Yes! Its me angel i…” i don’t know what i did today to deserve another pain, but she also slapped me. ”what was that for i shouted?”

”For leaving me”. Angel said.

Then she moved forward to kiss me. As much as i hate her, i still can’t ignore her kiss. Damn she is a good kisser.

Just as we started kissing i heard

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