CHRONICLES OF BUTOSH EPISODE 11; The Mirror [3080 COA Table Shaking]

3080 Gossips

You see how the Lord works ehn is miraculous. I was just chilling as usual o and trying to get my brain back from offline mode as i haven’t been able to write anything really for 2 weeks now. Then this notification came in and i thought it was credit alert coz i was so broke, Lo and Behold it was my 3080 peeps.

The mail came through like boooom coz it took me like 30 minutes to get myself then another 30 minutes to laugh, but to keep up with the realness and up-to-date stuff on this chronicles, i had to share.

Well, the table that this person is shaking ehn…. well, get the gist yourself and full gist on magazine is still coming coz he didn’t trust me enough to publish it.

Wheel barrow Jumia

You need to come to market on Saturdays and see your woman crush my brother. As I say make I go buy one Congo of garri hold body for one month o, na hin I see slay mama’s dey price wears for inside wheel barrow o. Bro I first think say na dry pepper dem dey buy or salt sef but I con move close, as I no Wan cast I for hear as dem dey price am for 200 lol.

If i start to talk names ehn, well i go show you pictures next time coz dem think say i no see dem,

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I won’t date anyone on campus.

Aunty say she no go date anyone for campus when she enter ejigbo, as per say ejigbo local and dem no dey her level, nobody get ride and all but body count Don almost enter 10. She even dey pack 4 at a time like China phone. Hmm well wetn person go think before sef, she dey shout anywhere, na she be boss weh wan send everyone enter, na she dey do confirm, na she her Bobo dey Yankee. Make I enter another tory before dem stone me jare.


Shukura kilo kosi

U see ehn, u will see some skirts on this same campus, sometimes I feel they are kidnapping babies inside coz if I carry am go tailor side, I go get complete suite for wedding. But wetn concern me sef, I go dey stalk dem to dey sure say dem no be kidnapper coz how u go use your bedsheets do skirt.



Me weh my shots just dey hit bar or go off target like Mikel, na hin I enter class 19 o con hear tory. Well, the one weh pain me na the ones weh go do jersey con break up, move to close friend of ex, do jersey and break up again. Neymar business must be moving real fast o. I’m looking for link of selling jerseys too oh.

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Another one na make I borrow your boyfriend for one week, me I dey here con borrow me oh. Na ripples and pavilion be there home now, just give them one blunt, suya and table water abi Goldberg. You can thank me later bro. But at least buy something to thank me with. You can even use back to carry them home, Okada is too much luxury for the,m… or just show them picture of one car sha, their legs go spread pass nutella ontop bread.


Oil gang

Make i sing Mr 2kay song for this gists small…. Hmm who no like better thing, naso yellow pawpaw no one turn dodo ikire o, she’s just looking for greener pasture and nice penising. Well, she’s Sha with one Arabian oil money guy born in ejigbo that promised g6 and all, but tank top she never see am. I tracked the goods sha as per say i like gists and they are now on water in Spain, before goods finish for shop dem suppose reach Egypt sha.

Well make I go take body rest for olaiya hotel make dem no use PDA kill me.


Well, well, well, you see what got me hooked for an hour now. The magazine should be out by weekend sha but make i go meet Oyin for some loving….

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