It’s been 9 hours since Doe had been missing. Bertrand wasn’t able to puzzle out why his brother got shot.

“He doesn’t talk to anyone, he is too silent to make anyone have a grudge on him” he said to himself.

No one could eat in their silent house, not even the sisters who ditched him could stop thinking about the incident.

“Maybe we should just report to the police” Vanessa said.

“Is there still something called that?” Julie replied.

She had always hated the police force since the time she was harrassed by a policeman.

“And wait, why would they take his body, if he’s dead, maybe it wasn’t a kill mission” Julie said.

“You’re right” Vanessa replied “then he must be alive somewhere I hope” she added.

Bertrand was still trying to put every piece together and he had no clue where to start from. He then voiced out.

“Maybe he isn’t dead, if he…”

[Vanessa cuts in]

“Bertrand, weren’t you listening to what we were saying, yes he might not be dead. Just do what you are supposed to”

Bertrand then shouted.

“What am I supposed to do; he’s also a brother to you girls. I don’t care what grudge you have, but he didn’t….” He paused and then said. “Oh my God, it’s The General, What have I done?”

“Who’s The General” Julie asked curiously.

Before he could provide an answer, he raced out on them, took his car keys and drove off.

* * *

* DOE’S P. O. V *

I woke up in a very dark room, no windows, just a small lamp beside the bed I was tied to. My head was pounding; I groaned “where am I?” I felt a sharp pain in my arm where I had been shot.

“Argh” I shouted. “Can anybody hear me? Help!”

I started thinking about so many things and how I could get myself out this bondage. Not long, a masked man came along to my bed, i couldn’t see his face, the light was too dim.

“Help me please” I pleaded.


The man brought out an injection and pierced it into my skin; I tried to fight back but the rope was too tight. I had been injected with tranquilizers, my vision started to blur and I slept off.


I had been trying to reach The General like I used to when I was still working for him, but all the sites I tried had been blocked and some doesn’t even exist anymore. I had tried everything possible, but all to no avail. Then i thought about going to the police, since The General was a widely known criminal. “The cops might have an idea on both where and how he operates even though he hasn’t been caught nor seen.” I said.

I zoomed off to the police station where I was asked to wait for the DPO; I didn’t want to speak to the Sergeant at the Counter.

“When will he back?” I asked the sergeant.

He was a stammerer and it took him almost two minutes to answer.

“He would be back very soon sir, stay calm.” He replied.

* DOE’S P. O. V *

I woke up again, this time more tired than I was the first time. My wound had been treated and my arm covered with bandage. I heard footsteps so loud that I knew the person wore an Italian shoe. I couldn’t see the person, but I could smell cigarette in the air and I felt that I was in a deep trouble, and since I don’t even know why I was tied to the rope, I had to find out.

The next thing I heard was a gun cock and the man spoke out with an unrather thick voice.

“You have ten seconds, where is my money?”

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