I sincerely least expected this!

I never thought that the voice was coming from the entrance of the kitchen, maybe because of the echo and the fear that I had already gotten from the Mr. Limbs and Mr. Diet. Chi had been the so called sorcerer all along, I guess the skit would not have been successful if not for her crew, Mom and Dad. They all laughed and teased, but I stood embarrassed with my mouth twisted to my right cheek, no one wants to be caught drinking garri in the middle of the night while on hunger strike.

“For she’s a jolly good fellow, for she’s a jolly good fellow, for she’s a jolly good fellow… ” they all sang.

“Oh my God! I totally forgot” I exclaimed.

The cake was so beautiful, I wished for something I would love to keep to myself for now. We all retired to our beds after a couple of teasing and laughing, Dad is used to giving us surprises and this, I never saw coming, no wonder he did not come to pet me yesterday.

Dad invited Dr. Cole his best friend with his family to come dine with us. Mum also called Aunty Beatrice, and I am so sure she’s going to bring her nasty daughter, Ivy, along. I did not call any of my friends neither did Chi because we decided not to let any of our friends see our mighty house.

I literally slept lifeless, in fact, I did not wake up till 10:41 AM, Mum was in the kitchen and Chi was rendering the little assistance she can by watching mum do all the work or maybe mum was not doing all the work because our mighty princess helped in fetching ingredients and spoons.

The aroma in the air made my tummy rumble for nutrimen, it dragged me to a pile of fried chicken in a very large tray. “Don’t dare touch it… Will you drop that wing now before I reset your brain with hot slap” mum shouted as I descended on the mighty pyramid.

“Tonia…” Mum snapped again

“It’s my birthday momma” I said running out with the piece as she wanted to use the hot spoon in her left hand as a drumstick on my head.
“Silly girl” I heard her say with a little laughter.
I walked to the balcony munching on the chicken.
“I hope you brushed your teeth before crushing that innocent bone ”
“Of course” I chuckled “good morning Dad”
“Morning birthday fish, did you sleep well? ”
“Yes Dad”
“Any nightmare? ”
“Nope Dada, I slept so well like a baby”
“It’s obvious darling, now go take your bath your sweaty ampits stinks”
“Aww Dada, that was not nice” I said walking to my room embarrassed.

The preparation for the small dinner of three families was hectic, I wonder how stressful and tiring planning for a wedding would be. I had to freshen up because I was dripping heavily like a waterfall. I wore my favorite white evening gown mum bought for me from a business trip to Paris.

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It was dawn and visitors started trolling in, Fred Cole came with his parents which is very unusual because he claims he finds it really boring going out with his parents. He gave me some flowers and a wrapped rectangle-shaped box. His parents promised Chi and I an all expense paid trip to Zanzibar in Tanzania, with them on our next vacation. I was overwhelmed and dumbfounded, I had always wanted to visit the paradisum.


“At least my boo and I can have this whole shack to ourselves” Dad teased, and all the adults burst into laughter, while we the minors smiled sheepishly.
As the dinner was about getting started, Aunt Beatrice came in with her hand luggage, poison Ivy, as predicted.
“I thought you weren’t going to make it” mum said.
“If I hear that this occasion freak would not turn up” I replied in my mind.

“I was busy with something sis, don’t be vexed ” Aunt B pleaded and handed over a “little gift, please manage it” to me. It wasn’t wrapped, maybe so everyone can see that it is a gold wristwatch, Aunty B can show off for Africa!
I overheard Ivy whispering to her mum that she didn’t knew it was this bad for my family, I guess she did not know that no matter how inaudible she makes her voice, it will still echo and find its way into people’s ears, such an amplifier! but with all, Aunty B acted like she didn’t hear what Ivy said.

During and after the dinner, Ivy was all over Fred like goose pimples, I did not realize the scorn was written all over my face till mum called my attention to it. I had to walk to the balcony because the sight was so unpleasant, it was cold and peaceful. Suddenly I felt an urge to jump down from the balcony, my legs began to shake and moved me closer to the railings. My mind tried to hold me back but it has totally lost control of my body. I started hearing voices and screams, “Chi I am not ready for this! ”

I snapped. But though luck for me this time around because it is real. I covered my ears with my hands but it became louder and piercing. I was shaking and as I wanted to fall someone grabbed me.  “Here comes prince charming, the prodigal son of his father, ha ha ha” the voices whispered and laughed till they fade.

Well do you think I’m possessed?

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