People have been left in serious shock after human parts were found in the house, Alfa Monkodoro in Ilorin, Kwara state. He was said to have exhumed the body parts of his friend and butchered it for money rituals. Kayode Ogunlowo who posted the story on Facebook wrote: “NEW SOKA FOUND AT OLOJE ILORIN. HUMAN PARTS ARE FOUND INSIDE ALFA MONKODORO HOUSE. Eniyan Buruku Pelu Iwa Buruku! May God punish you all and your upcoming generation in this life and hereafter.

EVEN ALL YOUR CHILDREN SHALL REAP WHAT THEY DIDN’T SOW. AH! WICKED PEOPLE WITH BAD BEHAVIOUR. AH! Because of material values and egocentric attitude, they killed and dismantled human being like faulty engines. All these people called clerics are ALUFA/BABA ALAWO. They are just hiding under the name of ALFA.”

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