After many sites prematurely stated Robert Pattinson had won the role of Batman only for them to quickly retract when it was revealed that Nicholas Hoult was still in the running, it comes as little surprise that Pattinson has at last been formally cast in the role. From reports, it sounds like it was a close run thing but Pattinson won out in screen tests.

Many Batman fans have been unhappy with the idea that the Twilight actor could play the dual role of Bruce Wayne and Batman, but Pattinson has proven himself more than capable of delivering a performance that can be in keeping with the character.

Roberts Pattinson

Matt Reeves take on Batman has already had a tumultuous conception having originally been a project that was to be directed by AND star Ben Affleck.

When Affleck decided to step away from directing the film he still remained in line to star but as the DC Extended Universe films have met mixed acclaim – with those featuring Affleck’s Batman faring the worst – it wasn’t a huge surprise to see him jump ship altogether.

Matt Reeves therefore now has a comparatively clean slate from which to kick off his story.

In related news, alongside the casting, Deadline are also reporting that what was one film is set to become a trilogy with Matt Reeves allegedly planing a multi-story arc for his Batman tale. Reeves intends for his films to follow the life of a younger Bruce Wayne than the Justice League films hence the need for a younger actor in the part.


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