In this sad news, a young Nigerian woman has been killed by suspected ritualists in Ughelli area of Delta state. A young Nigerian woman, Amrasa Odirin has fallen victim to alleged ritual killing in Delta state. The sad news was made public by her friend, Regina Osiaje who cursed the ritualists for taking the life of an innocent woman.

Osiaje wrote:

“Oh Life is this really what you hold for us? Where humans will kill their fellow human for money and end their race of life untimely. “Amrasa Odirin my friend is this how you left without saying good bye? Oh Jesus what a cruel world! I still remembered you calling me to quarrel me for not inviting to my birthday party. I never knew that will be the last call I will receive from you. “It’s still like a dream. Your death is a big blow to us your friends and family. Your killers think they are free. As far God is existing may they never go unpunished. They will meet with their ends speedily. My dear Rest well till we all shall meet at the feet of our Lord Jesus.”
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