[MOVIE DOWNLOAD] VIKINGS Season 5 Episode 3 – “Homeland”

Welcome Back on here, I hope you enjoyed that piece? well here is the continuation and am still waiting of request for previous episode. Vikings happens to be my second favorite of season movies have seen and you have to watch and share with family.

In case you miss to download the first episode of this Season, you can go to this Page and download. But for those that have seen it, here is the new episode.

Floki explores the new land he has encountered. In Norway, Astrid tempts Harald with the possibility of her alliance, whilst resisting his sexual advances. In the Mediterranean, Sinric advises Bjorn to arrive as a trader, with a few ships, and not as a warrior in command of an entire fleet.

Download Vikings Season 5 Episode 3

In England, the Saxons led by King Aethelwulf and Bishop Heahmund attack York, but are led into a trap. Aethelwulf’s son Aethelred is wounded and the Saxons are forced to retreat. Ubbe and Hvitserk propose a peace, but Ivar wants to continue the war.

Aethelwulf seemingly accepts their offer, but Heahmund arranges to have the brothers humiliated. With Ubbe having lost face, Ivar secures his position as the leader of the Great Army. Ubbe and Hvitserk prepare to leave for Kattegat with their few followers; however, at the last minute, Hvitserk defects to join Ivar.

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