[MOVIE DOWNLOAD] EMPIRE Season 4 Episode 9 – “Slave to Memory”

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After Andre winds up in the hospital over his psychotic breakdown, Lucious vows to get revenge on the DuBois’ once and for all. He hatches a plan that involves forcing Angelo to sign a written confession about Diana’s actions.

The Lyons then break into the Governor’s Ball and Cookie gets on stage exposing the truth about Diana, with help from Warren. As Diana continues to try to get the police and Cookie continues to tell the guests about her actions, the police end up arresting Diana for kidnapping Bella, which forces Anika to give Bella back to Hakeem.

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Angelo attempts to kill Warren for betrayal and shoots him in the shoulder, but Jamal intervenes and in a struggle, mortally wounds Angelo.

Lucious then visits Andre to tell him the news, but Andre confesses in his sleep that he set the car bomb. Lucious is then drugged immediately after and kidnapped by Claudia, who has become obsessed with him.

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