Pregnant WWE star Brie Bella has revealed she was hospitalised due to issues surrounding her unborn baby’s breathing.

The Total Divas favorite, 33 – who is currently past her due date – had to spend the night in hospital after doctors discovered the problem.

In a video posted on her YouTube channel on Saturday she thanked fans for their support after her ‘little scare.’ Speaking in her hospital room, the 33-year-old said: ‘There were just some issues with Birdie’s breathing they had to track all through the night – so we spent the night.

‘Five days late, she is still not here. My defiant little girl has a mind of her own – very strong, which isn’t a bad thing.’ Posting a link to the video on her Twitter account, she added: ‘A little scare but everything is good now!!! #6dayslate #40weekspregnant #BirdieJoeDanielson (sic)’

Earlier this week, Brie – who is expecting baby girl Birdie with her husband Daniel Bryan – took to the video sharing site to reveal she is past her due date.

She said: ‘So today is Birdie’s due date, and as you can tell she’s still in here. She is very cosy and comfy and obviously does not want to come out here to the great world.

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‘So Bryan and I are going to start thinking of more things to naturally induce labour. Today I’m super tired. I literally went and I got a pedicure and a manicure, which I didn’t enjoy because of how tired I was.’

And Brie – who’s twin sister is fellow wrestler and reality star Nikki Bella – previously revealed she wants to film the birth of her daughter for her fans to see.

She said: ‘It’s insane because at first I was like … I don’t know you hear women want to beat up everyone in the hospital room as it is, I can’t imagine having the cameras in there.

‘I feel like it would be really neat, all of my audience and all my fanbase and the Bella Army has seen me get engaged on TV, they’ve seen me get married on TV. And I thought what the heck, why not see me give birth on TV.’


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