She was recently at the centre of a nude photo leak, after a notorious website claimed to have published private images of her. And weeks after Samara Weaving reportedly confirmed the nude images are fake, the former Home and Away star stripped down to her lingerie in a new music video.

The 25-year-old actress put on a busty display in black lingerie while starring in American singer Charlie Puth’s new clip for his single Attention. The blonde beauty plays his love interest in the video and at one point, is seen posing on a bed alongside him.
Intense scenes show Samara experiencing a range of emotions, from posing seductively to smashing a mirror during a domestic dispute. The steamy video comes one month after the star’s father told The Daily Telegraph that nude images uploaded by Celeb Jihad are fake. ‘She has said they are doctored … We have been texting all morning, but haven’t spoke about the situation at length,’ Simon told the publication. ‘I think the best theory with this sort of this is not to give it oxygen.

He added: ‘I have told her to ignore it and to concentrate on her work … She has been on set since 6am so she has other things to think about. The actress, who is currently filming the remake of Picnic at Hanging Rock, became the latest target of a celebrity nude photo website last month.

Simon spoke out about a hacking report but did not confirm the nude photo claims. ‘We have dealt with things like this in the past … her [email account] was hacked, but I am not sure if that has anything to do with this,’ he said according to the publication. Despite the photo scandal, it’s been business as usual for her, with the actress throwing herself into work.

Her first Hollywood feature film The Babysitter is set to premiere on Netflix soon and her first feature, Australian lesbian thriller Bad Girl set just released in cinemas. She told the Sydney Morning Herald she drew upon her ‘intense’ relationships with friends in school to understand her complex character and avoid ‘bratty’ teen stereotypes. The thriller Bad Girl was Samara’s first experience with feature-length films as she had come to the set fresh off Home and Away.

She said: ‘How refreshing it was to do something that someone had really poured their heart into.’ ‘Working with someone who’s really passionate about it is great, because you become passionate, and then it’s fun, it’s not work any more.’ Known for being the niece of Aussie acting legend Hugo Weaving, Samara first came to Summer Bay in 2009 as Indigo Walker and played the much-loved character for five years.

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After leaving Home and Away, which Samara describes as ‘the hardest job in the world’, she struggled with the shift from TV to film. In the film Bad Girl, Samara’s character Chloe is a stark contrast to her bubbly Home and Away character Indigo.

The film, which shows the complicated relationship between Chloe and adopted outcast Amy, was an opportunity for Samara to broaden her acting skills and really become enthralled in the character.

She said: ‘I really wanted to steer away from the stereotype of the annoying, bratty teenager. I wanted to make her mature and a bit more calculating so that the ending paid off and made sense.’
Drawing form her own high-school experiences as a teenage girl, Samara used her knowledge and applied it to her troubled character.

She said: ‘I remember at that age in high school, you did have these fierce relationships with other girls, and if they lied to you or if they hurt your feelings it felt like a betrayal.’

She continued: ‘I really had a sense of that, this intense friendship that’s almost like a lovers’ relationship even though there’s nothing sexual, but all those same intensities are there.’


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