Have you seen Timaya’s house and cars? All famous Nigerian stars like expensive toys, Timaya is not an exception.

Have a look.

– Silver colored Bentley, worth – 72 million Naira;

Timaya (stage name) or Inetimi Alfred Odon is believed to be one of the most popular Nigerian celebrities – a singer and a songwriter. The most widespread genres in which he acts are Dancehall, Ragga, Afro Hip hop, Afro Beat, Soca. Such a great variety, don’t you think so?

– 2 powerful Range Rovers, worth – 17 and 19 million Naira;

Timaya’s talent and hard work bring him a powerful lot of money. Let’s have a peep into luxurious life of the famous star, his house and cars.

As you may know, Timaya is a great lover of fashionable cars, you can get convinced in this by looking at the pictures of Timaya’s house and cars.

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– Mercedez Benz G55 AMG, which costs about 55 million Naira;

– Lexus, with the price of nearly 13 million Naira.

– Mercedez Benz Gle, its price is about 20 million Naira.

Looking at Timaya’s house and cars, you can see how affluent is he. His house is located in Lekki, Lagos. It is estimated at about 250 million Naira.

Here you can see more pictures of Timaya house.

Interesting, what luxurious car Timaya will buy this year. We will see soon.

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