Was listening to this particular song one morning and fell in love with the exceptional tune immediately I picked up my phone to search the artiste and found his name and contact, yes I want to have a tete’A tete with him because I was curious and wanted to know more about him and immediately put forward a call. We set up a meeting and Nasirl showed up even before me.

Without wasting much time on this sunny day as we walked through the narrow walk way to find seats in the beautiful Shodex garden. Getting a place to sit under a tree that shaded us from the scorching sun I started…..

Who is Nasirl?

Nasirl is an independent artist song writer music producer dream chaser go getter :beliver

We heard you’ve not lived in Nigeria for a long time is this true?

No not true lived in the u.k for some time though and came back home.

Why did you come back into the country?

Sincerely realised if you have to make it in the music industry you have to come back home and was like OK Nigeria here I come no more mini mini mani mo ‘s

From your perspective what is the state of the nation?

Its great like super great I mean life is so so getting easier amidst the confusion, we don’t expect the change overnight it is a gradual process. Nigeria is gonna get there soonest,every country of the word have their challenges and they eventually resolve it. Nigeria definitely will overcome the hardship, this turn around am already seeing

Talking about your music, for how long have u been doing music?

Its been a while that I started music, but I actually prepared myself by making sure I studied some musical courses

Some artists don’t seem to have solid music backgrounds, do you?

Well true but as for me I graduated from MUSON the music society of Nigeria, where I bagged a certificate in vocal training

When was your first single released?

Whao (chuckles) that was a long time ago though, and you know 2011 is not a small journey though. My first official singles was released in 2011.

Any collaborations since you started music?

Yeah my first single Otori ft Jaywon and t code which was a lit, back then

How many singles have you released after your debut single?

When I came back into the country I released two singles under my management List Entertainment Intelligence in 2015 produced by Sarz and Africa baby late 2016 i November produced by Del B

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Where do you see yourself in the industry in the next 2 years?

In two year I see my self as one of the biggest artiste in Africa and one of the most respected artist world wide

What major challenges have you faced in the course of your career?

There are several challenges faced but the major challenge is convincing my parents to accept my music.

How did you overcome them?

What I did was never give up, worked hard, made love with music lol and made sure they saw a passion for all there is and all have ever been doing and is music

Any plan to work on another project this year?

Definitely dropping a couple of new singles soon trust me they’re lit, new tune new sound new age

What are your thoughts on the Nigerian music industry?

The industry is growing really fast we are gaining recognition not only in Africa but world wide it’s bliss.

How do you relate with fans, most especially the female ones?

What’s your ip address let me host you hahaha ,I respect women so I treat them with love and care because it’s a woman’s world sorry James Brown have to disagree on that one

Tell us your most embarrassing moment?

Sometimes when I remember this it makes me feel somehow but I allow it build my moral and makes me grow stronger that was the first time I climbed a big stage to perform. It wasn’t easy I was fidgeting though I killed it.

Who is your role Model?

Everyone is we are all unique in our different ways ,but damn I do have some favorites James Brown, Fela, King Sunny Ade ,Justin Timbalake, Asa, Wande Coal,Sir Shina Peters and Enya

Any plan to collaborate with a top artist?

Yeah that’s a win, even if I don’t have it in mind definitely when I do the right thing and get attention of the public and the industry.Our top artist love you when you are striving there they assist you to grow beyond expectation by jumping on your song.

What genre of music do u do?

Afro pop / R’n’ B

Who is your favourite artist and why?

like I said James Brown, Fela, King Sunny Ade ,Justin Timbalake, Asa, Wande Coal, Sir Shina Peters and Enya they are my favourites and role models.


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