Lady narrowly survived car accident, shortly after arriving Nigeria for Easter celebration

A Nigerian lady identified as Joy Joseph on Facebook, has revealed how her sister survived a fatal car crash, shortly after arriving Nigeria for Easter celebration.

According to Joseph, the accident happened on her way to Benin, Edo state. Sharing the photos from the accident, Joseph wrote;

So my elder sister survived(only survivor, the driver and the remaining two died, which is painful but it doesn’t stop me from praising God) this and you wanna tell me there’s no God up there…. Tell me what He can’t do, lemme show you what He has done…

She just came back to the country to spend the Easter with us and they wanted to change the narrative. She had the accident on her way to Benin.

I can’t even describe how grateful I am right now. When my sister told me about it, I thought it was a minor accident until my other sister sent me photos.
God is really above watching over my family. The last time I mourned was in 2009 when my dad died and I’m not ready to hear sorry again.

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