Hmmmmm it ended in tears ooooo, so on my own jejely I woke up yesterday logged in to twitter as usual before I brushed my teeth and the hashtag #MoneyHeistinAbuja was trending and i was confused. I honestly thought The Professor, Tokyo, Berlin and so on decided alongside netflix and thought it was a good idea to shoot season 4 in Nigeria. I was wrong guys, totally wrong.

Apparently some dumbasses thought it was a good idea to rob First Bank of Nigeria on a Saturday, because they were informed by a native doctor that he had fortified them to carry out the robbery as they would not be caught walking in and out of the bank.

Hmmmm wetin Messi no go see for camp Nou, Im quite sure tweeps were dumbfounded by the sillyness of the story and also the stupidity of the robbers. The story changed from Money Heist to 44 minutes real fast, well if you want to understand better watch both.

Lastly the police were quick to respond as they surrounded the bank and left the robbers no option but to surrender im guessing they forgot that there are no underground tunnels in Nigeria. On this note i rest my case.

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